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Repairing Water Damage in Ceilings

Ceiling damages are normally caused when rain water enters through a leak in a roof or a pipe inside the structure has a leak or breaks. But whatever the case may be, you will need to assess the situation accordingly.

What is the real damage?

Usually, if the leak is small, it takes a while before there are any signs. Water drips down through and reaches the drywall surface or plaster first. There, the water gathers in the drywall, which acts as a sponge, and continues to spread further downwards. If the ceiling is drywall then the water dripping journey ends in the seam of the panels. With a plaster ceiling, the water just collects until its saturation point and leaks right through the ceiling and drips water on the floor.

The damage brought about can be pretty atrocious. Firstly, the dampness tarnishes the ceiling, making it loose color, and the water cuts down the reliability of the ceiling material. If the wetness is permitted to go on for a few days or more, then mould begins to form. It is very wise to call a Canadian water damage company and get rid of the problem fast. If the water leakage problem has been prolonged, the affected area needs to definitely be tested for mould.

Tips to minimize damage

If you have access to the attic of your home go and look for the leak coming down from the roof. While you do that, make sure to have a bucket or two handy to collect all the dripping water and immediately clean up the water on the floor with a mop or cloth. All this is to make sure there is no further damage to the floors or carpets or upholstery in the affected area.

Even if you don’t have any access to the attic or any area that is above the leak, even then the water flowing down should be collected and thrown away in permeable places like the drain or lawn. Water pools created by such drips should be prevented at all costs. The water should be drained from the ceiling by a professional. This way, microbial growth can be stopped before it starts taking roots and affecting other materials.

Repairing a ceiling affected by water damage immediately would be the wisest thing you would do. Going over DIY videos or how-to’s is just a waste of time and is probably beyond your capabilities. To prevent further damage, call in the experts at United Water Restoration of Toronto that will help you repair and avoid further damage.