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Fire and Water Damage Remediation

It can be very tough to estimate the damage of a building in Canada after the misfortune of water loss or fire.

After these disasters have come and gone, they still leave behind major threats, like unprotected electrical cabling, poisonous chemicals and infectious growth like mould and fungus. Specialists that are trained in this area are capable of counteracting these threats securely.

Destructive Power of Fire & Water

Fire, firstly, causes discoloration and the ash residue that is left behind leaves an unpleasant odor in the affected area. The plastic materials in the fire will have probably ruined right away but the metals in the area will begin to tarnish and materials like glass lose color as well.

Water is by far the most destructive matter. It causes long-term damage to the interior and exterior of the building. Surplus moisture or overflowing can cause structures and possessions to quickly deteriorate. The problem tends to be grimmer when the water is contaminated or the clean-up of the area or facilities is overdue.

The damaging effects of water and fire are severely shortened by quick and effective remediation, particularly in the 1-2 days. Despite the fact that the damage may not look to be much, cleaning and repair can provide astonishing results.

What do Canadian Restoration specialists do?

Specialists are armed to restore the affected areas resourcefully, reducing the chances that the damage gets worse. This is significant because some of the major threats to the structure are obscured or undetectable to the naked eye or to an untrained individual.

Our specialists undergo hours of training to study all the ways to deal with damage caused by flooding, sewage stoppages and free flames. The specialist is aware of all the techniques for actual assessment and drying of any objects affected by the disaster. This knowledge will helps them to pick out items that can be saved and those that cannot. They carry all the necessary cleaning chemicals and equipment generally used during restoration.

Most notably, though, our experts have knowledge on how to take care of the hidden dangers that can occur. They take into account mould growth and ash remains. Individually, they both can cause continuing health complications and weakening of the building, so both fire and water damage must be re-mediated during restoration.

How can specialists help?

Once the threat of fire or flood is dealt with by dousing the fire and extracting excess water respectively, the specialists will look at the building and examine the areas for further damage. Both flooding and fires will create moisture that must be taken out as soon as possible. During our detailed testing, specialists will find any excess moisture and remove anything that cannot be saved. They will also look behind walls and inside air vents for extra moisture and even mould growth. Specialists will also supervise the drying process and after everything is dried and cleaned out all possessions can be put back into their original places. Post inspection, detergents are applied in areas soiled by ash or waters. Ash remains can spread quickly, so specialists will clean any area where smoke was present.