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Home Water Damage Cleanup

Once you’ve had water seep into all corners of your home in Canada, you simply can’t ignore the damage it brings along with it. It ruins the house along with all the things inside it. If for some reason you can’t do something about it fast enough, there is a few techniques that can save some of your possessions and also your home.

Items that have electrical engineering are probably ruined already but if you get professional help to clean up the home water damage fast enough, you could probably save your carpet and other things. All of these factors depend on the time period the possessions have been under water. The longer the water lays there, the worse the damage.

Even if water has seeped into places that you don’t usually spend time in the home, like the attic or a basement, that shouldn’t be overlooked. Even half an inch of water provides a potential breeding ground for fungus and mould. Having mould inside your home is a very serious matter – it mingles with the indoor quality of air and may cause respiratory complications or other serious diseases. To keep your home clean, mould growth must be prevented.

You can always depend on your home owners insurance to help you mend the damage caused by water damage to your homes; however, prevention is always better than finding a remedy when it’s too late.

Here are some other things you can do before you call the professionals: (please note that the insurance companies need to be informed of your actions before they come over so make sure to keep them involved in all the things you decide to do)

  • Remove all removable items from the home or away from the water damaged area, especially all the electronics, as fast as you can. To avoid getting shocked, first turn off all power that runs to the affected area. Remove the electrical items. Water and electricity make a disastrous situation. Carpets also need to be removed immediately so you can salvage them by cleaning and disinfecting them properly.
  • Throw out excess water. You can do that in many ways but if you have turned off the water, then manually removing the water is the way to go. Use all equipment that helps to soak up the water like mops, towels and lots of buckets! Make sure to pour out all the excess water into the drain (check whether they are not clogged in the first place before you use them). You can also pour water into your lawn or any other absorbent areas outside. But if there is just too much water, skip the DIY and give us a call.
  • Dry out the area using fans and dehumidifiers. Open doors and windows (when it stops raining) to help with drying out the affected area fast.

If you are experiencing water damage in your home, call the water damage restoration professionals at United Water Restoration of Canada. We’d be happy to send a technician out to assess your situation.