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Mould Inspection

Mould growth is a natural process of breaking down or decaying of dead organic matter like wood, leaves etc. However mould growth is possible inside our homes too due to availability of mould spores on wet surfaces. These spores are easily transported indoors through air and in all cases, need water (moisture) to grow and thrive. Needless to say, mould growth is a common problem that home owners face.

Mould growth in Canada should be contained before it becomes severe, as it can cause serious health risks. Apart from damaging the surface where it grows, mouldings are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus. They also cause allergies through touch and inhalation. People with asthma issues specially, can react negatively to moulds. In order to avoid mouldings, there must be no areas where moisture is likely to be trapped.

Not all homeowners have the knowledge and expertise of assessing the mould situation in their homes. In such cases, a mould inspector can do the job for you. Mould inspection primarily is done for two reasons; firstly to ascertain if there is any mould growth at all and where it is, and secondly to investigate its cause.

You know your home needs a mould inspection when you can spot some on your own. It is a definite sign of more mould growth which may be out of your view. Sudden spike in allergic reactions to family members and foul mould smell are also signs of mould growth in certain corners of the house.

You can do the inspection yourself using some mould specific tools and equipment; however professional mould inspectors are best for the job as they are trained to spot all kinds from the most probable areas of the house. No mould will go unnoticed under the inspection of a Canadian mould remediation expert. This is extremely important because if the cleaning process is not done completely, then mould will grow back pretty soon wasting the entire exercise.

Mould inspection costs vary from $300 – $3000. It depends on the size of the premises, extent of inspection and other factors. Though cost is an important factor, go for the right balance of price and expertise. Some companies even offer free mould inspection. This is especially peculiar of companies that also provide mould remediation services. Be a little cautious them as the mould inspector might exaggerate the problem in order to get the business for cleanup!

There are some pointers for mould inspection that must be kept in mind. Inspection must be done almost always by a certified inspector. The inspector must study in detail the past or current mould growth evidence. Most importantly the cause of moisture must be discovered and fixed in order to have a fool proof remediation process.