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Mould Removal and Remediation in Toronto

mould removal in toronto

We at United Water Restoration offer quality mould remediation and removal services to your home or business in Toronto. We can help you test and identity mould by inspect the areas where mould is commonly found. We remove and treat any mould growth anywhere in your house of business.

Mould Damage Could be Source of Health problem

We’ll do everything possible to detect and get rid of any traces of mould that can cause respiratory health problem, trigger allergies and consequently make you sick.
Mould growth tend to occur when walls, carpet, wood and other structures are exposed to water damage and nothing is done to quickly and completely dry the exposed area.
Our dedicated team of mould removal professionals will show up at your premises and do the following:
1. Identify the issue and isolate the contaminated area.
2. Mist the area to suppress dust.
3. Remove all affected materials.
4. Discard wet and moldy items using plastic bags.
5. Clean thoroughly.
6. Visibly test every inch for dust, dirt, and mold.
7. Dry the isolated area.
8. Replace the affected materials with new clean and dry ones.
9. Check this area routinely to be sure that you have performed a successful mould remediation.

Get Help With Mould Remediation

Let us help you remove, cleanup and manage the mould growth in your building structures. Protect your property, protect your health and protect your family health.

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