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Preventing Home Water Damage

Water damage can cause serious harm, weakening a home’s foundation and demanding expensive repairs. Damp materials can house uninvited guests like termites, ants, mold and mildew. Leaks can harm your property and possessions as well as cause your water bill to increase. Before you find yourself seeking help with water damage restoration, take some basic steps to prevent water damage from occurring or worsening if it’s already present in your home.

  • Check the hoses connected to the dishwasher, refrigerator and washing machine to see if these are brittle or leaking. Replacing a hose is a much easier fix than cleaning a laundry room flood.
  • Examine sinks, toilets, showers and bath tubs to see if the caulking needs to be repaired. Impaired areas can cause leaks and allow water to overflow.
  • Prevent leaks during vacation by turning off the water main. If faucets aren’t dripping and water isn’t running in the home, there’s a much lower chance of needing water damage restoration.
  • Check and repair roof damage. This includes both the roof gutters and the surface. Clogged gutters can end up directing water toward weaker parts of your roof and into your home. Missing shingles or problems caused by tree branches and other debris penetrating the roof can leave the interior of your home vulnerable to damage from the elements. What starts as minor roof damage can become a much bigger problem when a storm hits and wind and water lash against compromised parts of the roof.
  • Routinely clean your air conditioning system. The drain lines can get clogged and completely block airflow. When air is not properly ventilated throughout the system, the main unit can freeze and drip water. Cleaning out the drain lines is a much better solution than trying to resolve problems when the air stops working and you are stuck in the summer heat.

Aside from addressing these issues, you may be able to identify an unseen water problem by monitoring your water bill. If the month over month usage suddenly changes, it might be time to investigate what’s causing the discrepancy. Treating problems early on can be the difference between stopping a small leak and getting professional help with water damage restoration.