Water Damage Restoration
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Water Damage Restoration – Cleanup & Repair Services – Toronto

Water Damage Repair

Often times a small, persistent leak occurs inside cabinets, behind walls, and in roofs or ceilings. This is not a leak that will flood your home or show water build up at first glance.
Unfortunately, this usually means you won’t be able to detect the issue or damage done until certain signs start showing.
When you see these signs, the right moves need to be made to ensure your air quality and structural integrity remain safe for your home.
The first step you need to take is calling a local plumber to ensure that the leak has been stopped and no more water is going to enter the affected area(s).
Once the leak is taken care of, call the professionals at United Water Restoration Group. We will assess the damage, and give you your next steps to restoring, sanitizing, and completing the affected area back to its pre-loss condition.
Leaving an affected area untouched could lead to mould growth, structural issues, and compromised air quality on your property.

Signs of a Water Damage in your home:

• Unusual odors present
• Discoloration or staining of the area or material
• Discolored growths
• Peeling paint or wall materials
• Materials crumbling when you touch them.

If you suspect you have water damage or mould growth in an affected area, call United Water Restoration at (647) 931-4203