Water Damage Restoration
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Water Damage Restoration – Cleanup & Repair Services

United Water Restoration Company is a leading service provider in water damage restoration. Our water damage cleanup and repair processes start the minute you give us a call. We arrive at your home or business premises quickly within 3hrs and starts working promptly in order to remove the stress you are faced with.

Possible Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by
• Toilet clogging or overflowing
• General plumbing problems
• Leaking roof
• Old or burst pipes
• Foundation Cracks

How We Help: The Cleanup & Repair Stage

Water Extraction – Our expert technicians come to your premises with powerful full grade equipment to track down any pockets of water however small even excess moisture and remove them professionally. We use our equipment to extract water from:
• your carpet
• your cushioning and fabric
• your basement
• and any area in your home that may have been affected by water

Structural Drying – Once water is removed, the drying method begins. We use industrial dehumidifiers and top quality drying machines to dry anything that could be saved. This process should begin early for best results.

Mold prevention – We are able to prevent mold growth with the water extraction process as described the above. Once water is extracted and the space is dried and cleaned, you are rest assured mold is unable to grow in the area.

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We will Clean up & restore to your property to its original condition plus bill the insurance company direct. We take care of the hassles so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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